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We believe that one path to wellness is monthly massages.  Our hope is to provide a way for each and every person to benefit from massage.  We all know there are many, many benefits of regular massage and we have developed this plan to help you reap those benefits.

Wellness Plan

Download the Wellness Plan Authorization, complete and bring with you to your next appointment (because we need an original signature on file) now!  Get two new friends to sign up for a plan and receive a complimentary fifty minute massage.  The friends must tell us that you referred them.


  • There are two options on the authorization.  Please choose the one that you would like to receive each month (The fifty minute Customized Massage on the Wellness Plan is $70 per month and the eighty minute Customized Massage on the Wellness Plan is $100 per month)

  • We encourage you to get on a regular schedule, but if you are unable to do that, you may always schedule your appointment online at your convenience

  • You may "gift" your massage to someone or accrue it for later

  • There are no fees other than your chosen massage cost each month

  • You may cancel whenever you like

  • The Wellness Plan costs are $30 below the regular price of each massage

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Flower in Hand
Spa Stones
Reiki Treatment
Peaceful Candle and Flowers
Back Massage
Hot Stones
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Hot Stones Massage
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Swedish Massage
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Dog Spa
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